Thursday, April 14, 2011

Movin' Right Along

Things seem to be progressing. At my 39.2 week check-up today Dr. Rampton exclaimed how very, very low our daughter is and I'm just about 3 cm dilated. He said, "boy, you are just right on the cuff of labor." I'm supposed to call him at home tomorrow morning before he leaves for an overnight church outing, but it sounds like we might break my water on Sunday. He believes that will be enough to get contractions started and I can then enter the hospital with the anti-inductionists non the wiser :-) Of course, once we got home from said appointment Brian said he sort of prefers the idea of waiting for events to happen on their own even if it's after Rampton has left for his trip to Utah. (I will almost assuredly have this baby before the time Rampton is to return one way or another.) Here's the pros of waiting: Asher came on his own and labor, though excruciating, was only 2 hours. If I'm induced, I suspect things will take longer, but I'll probably get to have an epidural and skip the pain of the final stages of labor, including pushing. It's so tough to decide! What would you do?


Joshua Richardson said...

I would put it off. If you wait just 18 more years you can kick the kid straight out of the house!

Kelly said...

I induced Brynne that way. She was my shortest labor, and the easiest. If you are really THAT probably won't matter. When is he leaving? Personally, I'd want to have the baby before he left just because I'd rather have Rampton deliver me! My experience with the on-call here was less than stellar.