Thursday, April 7, 2011


Apparently Brennan needed to make up some sleep debt. It’s 11:00am and I still haven’t seen him. I’ll have to wake him up when I’m done with this though to get him off to school :-)


One night about 2 weeks ago I really wanted the the boys to go to sleep sooner so I put Brennan in my and Brian’s bed to be moved after Brian got home from McGraths. Around 12:30am I went upstairs to put something away and saw that Asher’s light was on. When I entered, I had to smile when I saw his sleeping spot of choice.

About a week before that, Brian and I were getting ready for bed and when Brian opened our closet Asher came falling/stumbling out having been sleeping in the rubbermaid bucket of shoes. He said only “you woke me up!” accusingly as he grabbed his blanket and walked back to his own room.

027 028

I was standing holding this chair for about 30 seconds before noticing what was living in it in its folded position. I guess that’s why people usually put these chairs back in their bags.

029 045 Taken by Asher047 Taken by Brennan

054 Asher wanted some belly shots of his own since he was taking some for me.

055 057

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