Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy Day

Today was house cleaning day. I wanted it to be a really good one, so I spent some time this morning creating a game. Using the kid's road-rug, I made different locations on the rug represent rooms in our house. We would spin the spinner to see which room to "drive" our cars to, and from there picked a card that said what job(s) the family would do in that room. We were supposed to see how many cards/jobs we could get done during a song. Turns out, not even one job. Asher lost interest basically immediately. Brennan did pretty good, but we still couldn't be very fast. After the third spin, we dropped the game completely.

Brian ended up pulling out all his belongings and going through EVERYTHING, which meant I had to do the same with mine. Now, the house looks pretty much zero cleaner (you know how "organizing" makes things worse before they're better?), but it is lighter, with Brian taking a (literal) truck load of stuff to Goodwill and after having dumped several large garbage bags into the dumpster. Whew! This Mama is TIRED!

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