Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh I am so overdue for an actual family update. It's been a busy few weeks and months.

Last month my parents VERY graciously invited Brian and I and the kids to join them at the resort town of SunRiver. It was amazingly fun and busy yet peaceful and relaxing... just what we needed! Unfortunately, I only whipped out the camera long enough to get some hot tub shots, but other activities included:

Swimming in the pool - Brennan wore a life vest and proudly announced to everyone that he knows how to swim now*. (*Brennan, until last summer, has always been phobic of swimming, so he hasn't had lessons since he traumatizing took waterbabies at 14 months. This was like his third time ever in a pool beyond the stairs.) He loved it!

Standing on a bridge over the river, located just beyond our backyard.

Browsing the "mall"

Brian bringing his telescope and stargazing

Bike riding and going on walks

A canoe trip, thanks to Dad and Brian's expert rowing

Watching the small planes take off and land in the small airport/Seeing the horses

And of course, the hot tub

Not bad for two days. The con: Asher had asthma the entire time. Thank goodness I'd learned my lesson from the camping fiasco last summer and brought the nebulizer with me. That thing tends to come in handy anytime we stay somewhere else. My poor little baby boy. I don't know what was setting him off (too warm for fireplaces to be the culprit) but he was fine once we left the area.


Kelly said...

Looks like a fun getaway for everyone! That's awesome that Brennan is discovering a love of water. Makes like nicer!

love ya!

Sarah said...
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