Monday, September 20, 2010

Sleep Walking?

Last night Brian and I were in bed and watching a little TV. We heard the door to the boys' room open, and waited for the inevitable sound of Brennan crying. Instead, our door opened and Brennan walked in without a sound.

He and Brian looked at each other. "What's wrong?" Brian asked. No answer. "Do you need to go potty?" No answer as Brennan looked around and glanced at the TV. Brian picked Brennan up to give him a hug, then Brennan laid down next to him on our bed. He laid there watching the TV like this was a normal thing... just coming in to hang out. Brian and I joked about it for a while, then Brian picked Brennan up to carry him back to his own bed. Brennan looked a little startled but still didn't say a word as he was carried out of our room. Very strange.

What makes this weird is that neither of our children has ever slept in our bed with us, or even attempted it. It's a personal preference not to open that door, so to speak. (You know, "never start a habit you're going to have to break.") The only reason our children come in to our room at night is if they need help going potty or were having a bad dream or something. Anyway, Brian and I got a kick out of it. We're pretty sure Brennan was sleep walking.

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Kelly said...

That's pretty funny.

We have the same rule (about sleeping in our bed). Logan tried for years to break us down but we persevered.