Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Asher!

Asher has started getting very defensive about exactly who he is. It seemed to coincide with my sister having her baby a week and a half ago, but suddenly he is NOT "Asher the Baby." Brian and I of course purposefully push his buttons because we get such a kick out of his angry defensiveness. The video below is a very toned down version of his usual attitude.

Yesterday Asher and I went shopping around the mall and every person that paid any notice of Asher - no matter what they said to him - got his response, "I Asher!" I loved the way he was introducing himself to everyone. Previously, he's always been that child that says a cheery "Hi" and waves to everyone we pass. It always makes people smile when he does that and I love it. He's a cute kid!

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Kelly said...

We all loved this. My kids go around quoting, "I Asher" to each other. ;-)