Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I ♥ Craigslist

At least once a month I go through an obsessive craigslist phase. Inevitably, I find a dozen things I really want (but didn't know it 'til I saw them posted), maybe 1 if any will pan out, then I go back to a more productive life for a few weeks not missing the purchases that didn't work out in the slightest. When I search, I start with a few basics - things I want to update ONLY for the right price and look, or things we'll need some time soon but not immediately, and so forth. Christmas gifts for the boys has been coming up lately, for example.

During this current phase, I decided to do another check at dining room chairs because I've never liked the ones we have - style wise - but can't justifiably spend too much money on such a non necessity. Plus, the styles I like always go for more than I want to spend. In yesterday's search, I happened upon EXACTLY what I've been looking for these last few years, and for a steal at $75. I sent Brian out immediately. He came home with the chairs plus the matching table included and I got to work cleaning our old chairs to post on craigslist in return. I did so last night, and by 2:00 today had gotten several calls. The first (and only) family to come see them also wanted the matching table that I'd indicated I would consider selling with the chairs. $200 dollars later, this lovely S. Korean family no longer has to eat on the floor after moving into their house last Saturday, and I've made a profit - so far. (I'll need to buy us a new table as the one that came with our new chairs only seats 4.)

The fun part about all this? So, our neighborhood is about 40% LDS, but also about 40% Korean and they all know each other. (Our previous LDS manager told me once they, like us Mormons, are great networkers.) This family that came over also knows many of the Korean families in the neighborhood. When they arrived, their 3 children took off their shoes, ran right upstairs and played with Brennan and Asher like old friends. They were so comfortable in our house because they've apparently played in several of them in our neighborhood. The family had to make a 2nd trip to pick up everything and again my boys played happily with their kids, their oldest and youngest matching Brennan and Asher's ages. When they were leaving, Brennan was asking their Mom why their son (also 5) had to go. She responded by inviting us to play with them at their house some time soon. She then proceeded to write down her name, phone number, and address and encouraged me to call so we could get together. I actually kinda want to. Brennan kept asking me all night when we were going to call "Minjea" and was he coming back tonight. I'd rather she called me though. It's a little outside my comfort zone, particularly to invite us to their house.

Anyway, it's been a pretty fun and interesting 24 hours.

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Kelly said...

I've got some stuff listed on Craigslist right now. We're selling our couches for $250...the couches that we got for free three years ago! Nice, eh? Haven't tried buying anything, yet.