Thursday, September 2, 2010

For those who care

Brennan's ear and adenoid surgery were scheduled for this Wednesday, the 8th. When I originally scheduled it then, I was pretty sure that was the first day of school, but I thought since we'd be gone that Friday anyway, might as well keep him out those 3 days in a row and start school being able to hear the following Monday.

Then, I gave it some more thought. It would be nice, after all, to be there for the first few days when there's introductions and rules laid out and all that. I was on the verge of rescheduling his surgery, but wanted to find out for sure the school schedule (Is there a staggered start? Which days? ect. Because I transferred Brennan back from a different school I'd considered, I had to wait until the offices opened Aug 25th to do that, and had been waiting still to receive the welcome letter and all the info. Ugh!) Anyway, I decided to go ahead and reschedule the surgery... but in true Heather form, I didn't do it yesterday as intended.

And then, that evening I got my mail. Hurray, the info from the school I've been waiting for! As it turns out, school does start Wednesday the 8th - for grades 1+. During that time though, the Kindergartners and their parents have individual meetings with their teacher. Then, classes start the following Monday and Tuesday (staggered). What a huge blessing! I had wanted so badly for Brennan to be able to hear well when he started school, and now he will, thanks to them starting Kindergarten the following week. So, this long explanation for those who care, is that Brennan WILL be having surgery Wednesday the 8th, so be sure to keep him in your prayers that day. :-)

(Also, I got Brennan in the afternoon Kindergarten. Woo-hoo, one more year of sleeping in as late as we do... not that that was the main reason, but a perk for sure.)

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Ryan & Janna said...

I'm glad you got afternoon kindergarten, that the schedule is working out. Good luck with the surgery. I know how even minor surgeries are scary for the Mom so I'll keep you guys in my prays. Can't believe you have a kindergartener though. I'm seriously stressing over pre-school.