Wednesday, September 8, 2010


While playing with Star Wars legos with his friend: "Wyatt, isn't my Dad the best?!!"
Wyatt: "Yeah, he's even better than me."

Walking in to Sacrament meeting one Sunday, Brennan proudly bragged to the Elders Quorum President as he walked by: "My Dad knows the Gospel!"


Brennan's surgery has been rescheduled while the Ear, Nose, & Throat Dr's office goes in with Brennan's primary care physician to appeal the denial by the insurance. Apparently, he hasn't had enough ear infections for sufficient treatment history. Hopefully things will work out. Unfortunately, at the moment it's been rescheduled for his first "real" day of school. I'm very disappointed about that, but what can you do?

Brennan met his teacher yesterday in a one-on-one meeting. Mrs. L is super nice, as I'd heard from other ward members. She tested Brennan on how well he knows his colors, numbers, reading, counting, writing, and drawing. Not a complete IQ test or anything, just to get a basic idea. She showed Brennan two cards, one said "red" and the other "pink" or something. She asked him to identify "red" and he did. She said, "Good job, how did you know?" Brennan responded, pointing to the card, "Because it says RED" in a sort of "duh" tone of voice. She then showed him "black" and "brown" and asked him to identify the one that said black. He did so apparently (I was filling out a questionaire and only got some of their conversation) and she complimented him that "most kids don't look at the end of the word for clues." I was pretty proud. Anyway, it went well and he's excited to start kindergarten next week.

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