Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess We're Not Eating Enough Apples...

... because our family has had 8 Dr. visits in the last 9 days, and one more coming in less than a week! Just the last 3 days alone yielded 4 visits! Boy, when it rains, it POURS monsoons around here. These include two phone call visits, an x-ray, a specialist, and stitches among other things. Even the Dr.'s office is joking with me that we live there now.

Brennan's visits have been regarding his ears. Since his ruptured eardrum last May, he's had some follow-up visits to check on the healing. It was observed that some sort of flaps that are supposed to move up and down aren't doing that in him, so he was referred to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Brennan's visit there was on Monday, and we learned that he hears around the 40 decibel range (average is 20-25). The Dr. compared that to having your fingers in your ears of how well Brennan can hear. (You have no idea how much this explains over the last 5 years.) The reason is fluid in his ears, so he will receive surgery to have tubes put in. While he's there, he'll have another, related, surgery on his adenoid. Brennan has always been a mouth breather, and apparently he has an enlarged adenoid (tissue behind the nose.) It's supposed to be related to getting the fluid in his ears. Anyway, Brennan is super excited, thanks to my careful explaining. He's happy to tell everybody that "the Dr. will give me special medicine that will make me go to sleep, and when I wake up my ears will be all fixed!" Although I'm nervous about the surgery and healing, Brian and I are SO excited that Brennan will be able to actually hear us without us having to yell or repeat ourselves a million times. The added perk will be his breathing as well, which we hope will take care of the "wake snoring" when he watches movies ;-)


Kelly said...

I'm going to start shoving apples down Josh's mouth when he starts snoring. I had no idea the two were related.

On a more serious note...that is always nice when you get explanations for things! Did Brennan do speech therapy? I thought you had his speech tested...and they usually do hearing tests as part of that. Anyway, I'm impressed that he can talk so well without being able to hear so well. When's the surgery? And don't forget a blessing from his daddy!

Kirsten and Trevor said...

Good luck I hope everything goes well. I'll keep him in my prayers.