Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fountain Play

Courtesy of Corvallis Parks & Recreation

I didn't end up bringing the camera, but I FINALLY took the kids to the fountains yesterday. I was surprised to realize that it was August already, and I hadn't worn my swimsuit even once since last summer. I've been trying really hard to pack-in all sorts of activities this summer before Brennan starts school and the weather turns rainy(er). Still, now it's August and we haven't been to the pool, played in the fountains, and only once played in a kid-pool at Mom and Dads. Haven't pulled out the sprinkler either. Not for lack of nice days, just keeping busy - with what, I have no idea! - but apparently too busy for activities that I thought we'd do often.

Anyway, the boys had a GREAT time! These fountains are situated downtown on the riverfront park. It's just an area about 12'x12' where the water shoots up from the ground in varying heights. The best part? Free!!!! You have to pay to park downtown, but we stayed for an hour and a half and spent a total of 75 cents. Not bad at all.

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