Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Stevenson Family First

A momentous occasion. After a busy day, the boys and I were playing at a friends house when Asher had an accident that caused him to reopen the gash in his forehead from 4th of July. Once again, the blood was gushing down his face like Niagara falls! Since the friends live just about around the corner from our Dr.'s office, I just went straight there. I think the gash was a little wider apart this time, as gluing was not really an option. So, the family first is STITCHES! Somehow Brennan has survived his first 5 years without even getting close to needing any. Asher couldn't even make it to 3! Interestingly, In-between these injuries on the same spot, he cut a second location on his forehead - not bad enough to need any treatment, but that makes 3 cuts in his head in a month's time! If this kid isn't the death of himself, he's going to be the death of me!!!


Bonnie-Jean said...

Ouch! Poor kid is going to be covered in scars. :( How's his sight? I hope he heals quickly. :)

Kelly said...

Way to go, Asher! He rocks.