Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Makin' Do

It's been a big 2 days for Asher. As the previous post mentions, we have started potty-training. He has bad diaper rash so on Saturday I decided to leave him naked for a while, and figured I might as well pull out the potty chair while I was at it. So this was rather impromptu, although I had intended to do it this summer anyway.

I get a certain satisfaction out of having my kids make some sacrifices. I mean, they want for nothing, but I've made some decisions that others might find interesting. For example, although we have a three bedroom house, I've chosen to have the boys share. Then, I took it a step further, and moved them into the tiniest room which just barely fits a bed, a mini crib and a dresser, with a 2 1/2 foot walkway down the middle as the only floor space. I figured they didn't need any room other than getting to these essentials since we already have toy room(s). (Since Asher did and does take naps it didn't make sense to keep the toys in the room where Brennan wouldn't have access.) Anyway, I've now taken it a step further...

We received a bunkbed from my parents, but it's missing the all-important ladder. Without it, Brennan can't move to the top bunk, and Asher *couldn't* move out of his crib. So, after like 2 months, I decided that I don't want to wait for Brian to find time to make a ladder before I move Asher out of his crib. Since he's spent the last 2 months trying to sleep on Brennan's bed anyway, I moved him in WITH Brennan last night. I put their heads at opposite ends, and after the usual (or less) distractions, the boys went to sleep without a hitch. It was so cute to peak on them last night. Even sharing, they each still had a ton of space and never touched the other person. Asher even gained room compared to his mini crib.

I don't know, it's just kind of fun to figure out how to make do, and teach the kids at the same time. I find it satisfying and exciting.

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