Monday, July 5, 2010


Geography Lessons

While visiting Mesa Falls in Idaho, Brennan and I were standing at the overlook at the top of the falls, and watching the river below running swiftly away and around a bend. I commented to Brennan, "Look at all that water! Where do you think all that water is going?"

Brennan thought for a second, then sighed matter-of-factly, "China."

(I'm quite sure he has no idea what or where China is, but how did he even know the word?)

A Good lookin'Group

A bunch of us grown-ups were sitting around the family room of my inlaws when the conversation came to a lull and we all silently watched Brennan, also sitting in the circle. Suddenly and sweetly, he broke the silence with, "You guys are all so cute."


This morning I saw a small spider on a door in our house. I grabbed a kleenex then walked into the living room where the boys were and asked, "Who wants to get a bug for Mom?" Brennan looked at me curiously, then walked over to me and gave me a big hug. He pulled away and asked, "Why did you want someone to give you a hug?"

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