Sunday, July 4, 2010

Catch My Breath

It's been an... interesting... 24 hours. Last night after a 16 hour drive home from Idaho, we rolled into our driveway at 10:30pm. I'm glad we made it safely, and with relatively little problems from the boys during the long driving stretches. Oh my gosh, that reminds me... after I'd been driving for a stretch I pulled off in a little town in rural Oregon and followed signs to a State Park along the Columbia River. I was super impressed with the park that offered an easily accessed swimming spot and everything. And then, as we walked through it, we noticed dog (and/or other animals') poop everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE, getting progressively closer together. By the time we'd walked across the park to some swings, there was poop about every 2 inches. We can't even wrap our mind around how on earth it could be that way, particularly in an obviously regularly mowed, nice-looking park. We've decided to name it "poop park" and we'll not soon forget it!

Anyway, it felt good to be home after the long trip. This morning, we got ready for church. It involved a personal fiasco for Brian because our printer was apparently out of ink and after several other means had been exhausted, he apparently had had to go to Staples to print the bulletin. Church itself was good, but later in the evening as Brian got ready for a work shift at the restaurant, Asher hit his head. I immediately grabbed him and set him on my lap for a snuggle when I felt a large wet spot on my face. I looked at Asher and his entire face was covered with blood, gushing out of his forehead and running down his face and body. I screamed and ran him into the kitchen to the sink where Brian joined us with his own mouth hanging wide open.

I'm so glad Brian was still home because I started getting nauseous and almost fainted as Brian took care of the cleaning and assessing. The wound, as far as we could tell below all the dried blood and hair, was really just a slash on a huge goose-egg bump. After we'd cleaned it a little I snuggled on the couch with Asher who immediately fell asleep and Brian left for work. After he woke up, Asher started playing and made the wound start bleeding again. At that point I called my parents, who came over later that evening. I had put a large bandaid on Asher's forehead, so we had to cut some hair to get it off. My Dad ended up shaving Asher's head around the wound and we applied some bandaids. Then, Asher did something that got his head gushing blood down his face (and onto the carpet) yet again. We decided the bandaids just wouldn't cut it, so Mom stayed home with Brennan while Dad and I tried Urgent Care with Asher. Unfortunately, they had closed an hour and a half earlier. We eventually got a hold of the on-call Dr who saw us at the office where she applied a tissue glue to avoid the "agony of stitches" as she put it. Poor Asher was crying "It hurt" as it was applied, but otherwise did wonderfully. Hopefully he's fixed up enough to let the wound heal. Of my goodness though, that's the most blood I've ever seen in person, and it was rushing down my BABY'S face. In actuality, the cut does not seem to justify the amount of blood. That's a head-wound for ya, I guess.

Here's something to be thankful for though... thank goodness he's got that super-blond hair. I think it may have actually rendered the monk-shaved-front-of-head hairdo rather unnoticeable. Of course, without the band-aid in that spot, it may be a lot more noticeable. Cross our fingers...


Ryan & Janna said...

When we lived in Boise all the parks were like that if there was water around. We found out it was the geese. So gross, we just stopped going.
Sorry about poor little Asher's head. It's terrible to see your baby hurt.

Kelly said...

Poor little Asher! I can sympathize, as I got stitches on my finger on friday after slashing it with a knife on our campout. let me tell you it is really hard t o type withut your undex fignmer.

kisses for asjer!