Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've had several reasons for being away so long. First of all, school school school. Final semester, last two classes. Trying not to fail out of these two really difficult subject matters. Enough said. Secondly, each time I want to write, I remember I have to go to extra effort to find pictures. They're either still on the camera, or they're on the desktop, which I don't use as much anymore. Brian's laptop was no longer filling his needs (since he does his IT work and school work on it afterall), so I got his not as nice, but functional old one. Anyway...

And perhaps the biggest reason I took to long to write is because... it's my 100th post. I wanted to do something memorable on this momentous occasion, but because of the previously mentioned reasons, it just wasn't happening. So, 6 weeks later, I'm giving up on the whole 100th-post-being-special thing, and just writing this so I can get on with my blog life already.

On a very sad note, I'm anxiously waiting at home at the moment as Brian has taken Asher to the Emergency Room. I figured it was Brian's turn, as I took Asher to the Urgent Care already today. We had a fine morning, and I put Asher down for his nap as usual, but when I got him up, his right eye was totally swollen shut! I kinda freaked for a second because to me it didn't look swollen so much as that his eye had sunk into his face. As I decided to take him to urgent care, I noticed that his breathing was raspy, which was pretty bad by the time I was with the nurse and Dr. (I must add, thankfully I live only 2 blocks from Urgent Care, and they weren't busy, so we were seen within 10 minutes of arriving.) The Dr. said that the eye is infected and we got a prescription for an enhanced ammox.

Oh, Brian's home I think! BRB.

Alright... to finish the last paragraph. Eye infection, and the breathing problems related to allergies. I am to use the nebulizer again for this 2nd bout of bronchiolitis.

So, I gave Asher his ammox. which was thrown up within a half hour. I also gave him benedryl and used the nebulizer before bed. In the mean time since I'd been home, I could see a rash/hives beginning to form. Getting worried, I had Brian give Asher a blessing before I put him down for bed.

The Dr. told me to give Asher his second dose of ammox. before I went to bed, so when I heard Asher crying just a bit ago, I decided to go ahead and do that. As I struggled to get him to take the med, I could feel his cheeck was super puffy. When I eventually finished giving him his ammox, I brought him out into better light and I couldn't believe my eyes. Asher was like a human tomato! He was so red and puffy he looked like a totally different child. I showed him to Brian and upon further examination his entire body was as bad as his face.

So, the news now that Brian's home... Asher's eye is not infected and he seems to actually be allergic to the ammox. (He apparently threw up the 2nd dose all over Brian at the hospital.) His initial eye reaction and milder hives were possibly caused by some nuts he was eating just before I put him down for his nap. Although Asher eats peanuts (like peanut butter) quite frequently, I think there were some new-to-him nuts in the mix he was snacking on. Either way, unless we know for sure that he can handle nuts, we're supposed to keep him off all nuts. Sounds a little tricky.

Although we're starting to wonder... are his frequent eczema rashes actually caused by milk, or is it a mild reaction to peanuts? Because I watch the milk for rash correlation, I haven't been watching the nuts to see if the reactions correlate to that consumption. Ahhh. This is all so complicated. Not for the first time, I wish my children could just handle their foods. I hope I get my baby back by tomorrow. The fair-skinned baby I know and love, and not this red, sort of deformed-looking baby I love but don't recognize. Asher, be well!


Beckstead Family said...

Poor Asher! :( I'm glad you took him to the hospital. I have always had a difficult time getting correct diagnoses whenever I have been at an urgent care center. (I think those are the doctors who graduated at the bottom of their class) I hope he gets better soon and that you figure out what the problem is. Good Luck!

W/V: reistful as in, I hope you are able to have a reistful night tonight!

Devon said...

BAH! I hope Asher is feeling better.

Kelly said...

Poor little boy!

And I think that is a memorable 100th post! It's something, anyway.

Are you going to be able to take him to an allergist for a full allergy work-up? Might save a lot of time and hassle. We dithered around with our pediatrician for quite awhile before he referred us to an allergist. One visit - problem diagnosed and on the road to recovery with proper medication and suggestions for minimizing Logan's hives.

Just my 2 cents. :-) Take it for what it's worth.