Monday, May 25, 2009

Grandma Myrna has been "under the weather" so to speak. We're sorry we can't be there to take good care of her, but hope she has a good recovery.

I had Brennan and Asher make Grandma a card. As Brennan began to draw some pictures, I asked him what he was drawing and realized that he was drawing purposeful images. I was so impressed. I'm sorry to admit it, but I don't do a lot of art projects with my kids. I have noticed Brennan's art changing and progressing, but I hadn't noticed that he could do this now. Before mailing the card off today, we had to get a copy of his first picture like this. Grandma, enjoy the original. Maybe it'll be worth some $ some day, eh?

I'm tyring to get it so you can enlarge it by clicking on it, but I don't know how. Hopefully my IT husband can spare some time to learn my blog. Until then...
Top: Airplane with windows
Below that: an animal (I think it looks like an elephant)
Middle: piano
Bottom left: a humidifier with steam.
Smallest picture next to humidifier: a little airplane.
Middle bottom: a car
Bottom right: "Light so we can see in the dark"


maike said...
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Kelly said...

It's great when they start drawing recognizable objects! I love to watch their interpretation of people as it progresses. Especially when they realize that arms and legs don't come out of our heads. :-)

It's interesting to see what's going on in their heads, too. Humidifier with steam? Do you run one often? Lights? Is he afraid of the dark?

That is awesome of Brennan! Beautiful drawing.

Hez said...

We recently got the humidifier when Asher was dealing with Bronchoilitis (when we thought it was a cold though)... only used one night, but Brennan was fascinated.

He's not afraid to sleep in his non-nightlight room, but he likes the one I recently placed in the bathroom, thinking it's pretty cool. (It's just a light, nothing fancy). It really is interesting to see what they're thinking about.

Kelly said...

Did you get one of the cool Target humidifiers? We love our froggy!

The Hulls said...

That is so cute! Yay for fun art projects!! Your family is adorable!!