Monday, July 13, 2009

Brian with his Buddies

After writing the blog entry last night, I went downstairs to find Brian had attracted both of them. He spent a good long time doing his homework around them. But like I said before, I think he liked it. He says these kittens are giving him a new opinion of cats. Lucy was too aggressively playful (or just plain mean), and she sort of ruined the idea of cats to Brian. He told me, "These ones are so nice, I don't know what to think anymore!"

I'm not sure how "neglected" these cats are. They're definitely litter-box trained, as we've had no problems with that. They also are quite comfortable being manhandled. When church got out all the primary kids swarmed them and took turns holding them. The little things didn't give a single quip to being so roughly held and handled, and it didn't overwhelm them either. I don't know... I placed a call with the Humane Society today and left a message 'cause they're closed. I'll get signs out later. I'm a little nervous that I'm a pet-thief, so I want to make sure I give a whole-hearted search before I call them mine.

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