Friday, July 17, 2009

Bye Bye Kitties

I took the kitties to the Human Society today. I'm very sad to see them go. I really, really liked them, but we had more reasons (and each one carrying a lot of weight individually) why it wasn't a good idea than otherwise. Cost, was one. They needed a full check-up, to be fixed, and so forth. Expensive stuff for 1, and this was 2. Even if I donated-then bought from-the Human Society it would be out of our price range to get both, and I think they should stay together. We'd also need to come up with a few hundred for a deposit at the complex, get a Dr.'s note ('cause you can't have pets here unless a Dr. says you "need" one, like for psychological reasons), and keep them inside (meaning, litter-box duty like nobody's business--I learned that immediately upon taking these kitties in).

All this I was toying with the idea of working around because I liked them so much, but the clincher was that I think Asher's allergic. I had to use the nebulizer on him every day that they were here. It's hard to tell though, because he was just getting over the ER visit food allergic reaction, plus the weather this week has gotten everybody's seasonal allergies all worked up. Still, it was a definate possibility, and it was added to the previously mentioned list of cons. So, away they went.

Both home from the Church, and to the Human Society, I never had a cat carrier, so they were loose in the car. It was pretty cool. They didn't mind a bit, but they were curious, especially the male. He loved climbing onto my lap, no matter how many times I placed him back on the bench. I had Brennan and Asher with me, and they were happy to pet the kitties, but apparently the male is a wanna-be driver.

Anyway, *sniff* *sniff*, I miss my little friends, but I guess we should figure out what all Asher's alleries are first.


Kelly said...

Bye bye kitties.

Too bad, though it sounds like you made a logical decision, hard as it was.

Sarah said...

Oh that is sad, i am sorry for your loss! Hope Asher is doing better!