Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Last March everyone around here took off for Spring Break. My Dad had a humanitarian dental trip to Mexico and Shannon and Bryan joined him. I really wanted to go, but I guess that's the price you pay when you decide to have children. Devon went down to visit Kelly in California, so that left my Mom and Brian and I.

Since she was going to be home alone, my Mom graciously invited Brian and the kids and I to join her for a night in Seaside. We had SO much fun, even though it was pouring rain! With our hoods on and umbrella opened we braved the elements for a walk around downtown and even on the beach. That evening Brian and I took Brennan to the hotel pool where after about 45 minutes, Brennan finally let Brian hold him in the pool for a few second at a time. And near the end of our swimming time, Brennan even jumped into Brian's arms in the pool. It was AMAZING! (Yeah, Brennan is NOT a waterbaby. He is terrified to be in bodies of water).

The next day before heading home we visited the Maritime Museum. They had a lightboat exhibit (a lighthouse that's a boat instead, used by the Navy or CoastGuard or something) which was pretty cool. It was a very nice little trip. Thanks, Mom.

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Kelly said...

2 cute little boys. it looks like a fun trip!