Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Camping

It all started after Halloween when Brian brought a camping light into the house after its use for trunk-or-treating. Brennan immediately took it to play camping. He was using upside-down laundry baskets for something and having a pretty good time. Then... I remembered that he has a tent thing which I almost never get out because it's kinda big for a small apartment.

I got the tent out for him, which he LOVED! Where I first set it up, there happened to be a few chair cushions sitting near me with nothing to do. They became his bed. A small chair of his became his "camping chair." We've relocated the tent to his bedroom, and all of a sudden, naptimes have never been so embraced!

The other day he actually fell asleep in it, which was not to be the last time, apparently.

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Sarah said...

Seeing Brennan in his tent brings back so many childhood memories, I think I am going to have to go make a tent out of couch cushions and take a little nap!