Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are We Going to Say of Asher that He Learned to Run Before He Learned to Walk?

Asher's walking is coming right along. This little movie includes some footage from last Sunday, although we weren't able to capture any of his best, and some footage from tonight. My favorite part is the last few seconds. Unlike Brennan who learned to walk by taking his time and perfecting his balance between steps (over the whopping 3 days it took him to learn to walk), Asher is learning by charging ahead, using speed to try to keep from falling. I love it!

Asher is 10 months, 4 days old today.

So, as a basis of comparison, I revisited Brennan's first walking video. These shots are from the third day after his first steps: He was 9 months, 9 days old in this video.


Ryan & Janna said...

I can't believe how fast your boys learn to walk. I can hardly believe it. Andrew didn't walk until 13 months and Madelyn was 15 months. They are so cute, love the videos.

Kelly said...

Wow! I'm very impressed!
Kenna is a scaredy cat for a long time. She's just now deciding that it's very brave of her to let go of the couch and balance for a bit. :-) Way to go, Asher!