Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ready for Take-Off...

... (Yes, I'm referring to his hair)

This is Asher's most common "do". It starts off really curly just after his bath, but as soon as the hooded towel touches it, or he lays down, it all flattens except for those funky curls above his ears.

I was shooting some pictures of Asher's hair while he was eating dinner, and talked Brennan into posing for one too. I sure love my boys.

"Mmmmm, these pears are finger-lickin' goooood!"


Kelly said...

I love those curls! Why don't my kids have curls? I get excited if their hair looks wavy once in awhile instead of stick-out straight! I'm very jealous. So cute!!!

Kelly said...

the photo on the right (in your sidebar) where Asher has his pacifier in? When you can't see his mouth (which is SO Stevenson) those big eyes just look exactly like pictures of all us kids as babies. I just never noticed the resemblance before - the mouth throws ya!