Friday, November 14, 2008

Bubble Fun

Also, Asher is starting to take single steps... most of the time I think they're instincts as attempt to keep from falling, but whatever works.

Actually, last night Brian and I were trying to get some good video of Asher trying to walk. He was going back an forth between us, and when he'd reach us, he'd let out big, squaky, yells, which we think were supposed to immitate the praise we were giving him. He was doing 1-2 steps in a stretch before falling, but not as good once we brought the camera out. Anyway, he was quite enjoying the experience non the less.


Kelly said...

I'm so impressed! What a big boy! He and Kenna are going to have fun together!!!!!

PS - Did I already ask you if you want a mother's helper? My girls are great for making bottles and playing with small children while big people sleep in. You can only have one at a time because I get the other one, though.

Annette said...

My little man is learning to walk too! It is such a fun stage. I'm glad you found me. :)

Sarah said...

I can't believe how early your boy's walk! I was nine months but Anna was 13! I am not sure if I would have wanted her to walk so early though, lots of days of chasing after him ahead!