Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, something hit us. Asher got sick last Tuesday. He still had his usual appetite, but didn't keep anything down. After about 24 hours of that I took him to the Dr.'s office and they determined it was some virus so we'd just have to wait it out. Later that afternoon Brennan threw up all over my couch, and in a nice trail leading across the downstairs to the bathroom. A few hours later my turn came, with Brennan still throwing up a few more times and Brian at work. Even all my family was/is away on a trip and I felt desperate for someone to help me through this experience.

Wednesday night was horrible for me. I was throwing up about every 15 minutes. By the next morning I was pretty much back to normal, other than feeling a little nauseous, and sore in muscles I didn't know I had. My body really took a beating that night!

Brian was last to get it, holding off until Friday. His too seemed to be about 24 hours. I'm sure we all got the same bug, but it sure manifested itself in totally different ways. Brennan was sick for about 4 hours, Brian and I for about 24 hours, but Asher STILL seems to be affected by this. He's been keeping down almost all of his food since Wednesday, but he's like a totally different baby. I really don't know what to make of it. He's totally somber... not grouchy, not happy, not especially tired, but not lively. He also has a very nonchalant appetite - he'll eat what's offered him but not show any signs of hunger or want me to give him more when I stop. I'm starting to wonder how long this is gonna go on. He doesn't seem sick, but he isn't himself. I want my baby back!

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Kelly said...

Are you guys better now?

Hope so!