Saturday, October 25, 2008

Children are a Blessing (Usually)

I remember hearing many times growing up when parents would express how much joy their children bring them. Before having kids of my own, I thought, "Okaaaaay..." but I didn't really comprehend it. Now I know.

As Brian and Asher were playing, Brennan ran into the office and grabbed the camera. He asked if he could take a picture of them. How could I resist. It's a little blury, but it is his first, after all. Mostly, I love that he recognized it as a kodak moment, rather than trying to jump in and play too.

This is becoming a common after-church sight. Poor kid. It is rough to miss those afternoon naps. Starting January he'll miss the morning nap on Sundays, and the afternoon one will be late, making it's likelyhood of being good, "iffy."


There are two new items that Brennan has become interested in. One is the bungy-cord which we use on our elliptical when it's folded up, and the other is a baby play table, recently reassembled for Asher's benefit.

Brennan was playing with both of these items in a corner of the room, then dragged them out use them. Can you figure out what he made?

I'll give you a hint: before dragging it out into the room, he used the wall electrical outlet to pretend to turn on the faucet.

Yes, it's a sprinkler! He was jumping and dancing all around this thing--everything he doesn't do with a real sprinkler. (He's not a fan of cold water I guess.)

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Kelly said...

That's great...practicing for this summer.