Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I realized the other day that we were running out of days to go to the pumpkin patch/corn maze. Brian had a lot of homework to do today, but I couldn't risk missing the beautiful weather we've been having, so I headed to the farm with the boys by myself. I have to admit, I'm a pretty big wimp about going places with both of them alone, which is why I grocery shop when Brian's available to watch them at home, or I get a sister to come along with me. Anyway, today I bit the bullet and took them out.

I carried Asher in the front-pack for one of the only times in his life. Man, this kid's a chunker! I couldn't get one of the sides fastened because of his big belly... but, also because of that belly he was held in tight enough anyway.

We had a lot of fun. This year Brennan was brave enough to ride the hayride, so that was cool. (He actually did it last year with friends, but when Brian and I took him we didn't even attempt it with him because we went just a month after a big "riding on a school bus freakout." He's always been scared of new places, and particularly to be up close and personal to favorite things like firetrucks or buses.) I think he's finally growing out of this fearfulness thing.

Below is a video slide show of some pics and clips of the day.


Ryan & Janna said...

Way to go! You are amazing! I think it is great that you were able to do it yourself, you must be Super Mom. I love that Brennan wanted Asher to play with one of the baskets like he was. SOOO cute! I love when kids are sweet to each other, melts the heart.

Kelly said...

That looks fun! I love the idea of a "corn box" instead of a sandbox. I wonder if it would be worth it to make it at home? Would the cats stay away?

I miss going to the pumpkin patch all together. That was really fun when we did it those few times.

Sarah said...

Fun! We went to a pumpkin patch in Iowa but sadly there aren't any here in Wyoming, we are living out fun fall activities through everyone elses blogs. So thanks for posting!