Monday, October 6, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

I figured this was coming since Brennan was born. I must admit though, it has come much earlier than I anticipated. I had no idea that an 8 month old could be such a good wrestler!

Asher likes to wrestle his big brother. Well, as long as he's winning at least. At first I liked watching them play like this, but the longer it goes on the bigger a loser Asher becomes and the more a hassle it is for me to "break it up." What happens is that Brennan, who is obsessed with this game and attempts to play it ALL day long, wraps himself up in that big quilt and starts wrestling Asher. Asher, who doesn't appreciate being attacked and finding himself wrapped underneath the blanket, begins to cry. If he makes it out and tries to crawl away, Brennan is hot on his heels (literally) and continues to get him.

I've made several rules to this game:
1. The blanket has to stay in the living room (it's the only room downstairs with carpet. I guess I'm just "being a Mom" but I wouldn't want to wrestle on the hard floor).
2. Brennan cannot "get" Asher, only Asher can "get" Brennan.
In theory, Brennan is just fine with these rules, even #2. In practice however, no matter how many reminders (including him reminding me), he just won't let up on the poor baby.

The video montage is from one of their first wrestling play. It's lost its novelty to Asher though, so he's not putting up with it quite as well anymore. Still, it's pretty cute. I have to appreciate that Brennan wants so desperately to play with his little brother.


Kelly said...

He's going to be one tough kid!

Beckstead Family said...

Warning, Now that it's started it wont't stop even if you have girls later. Jackie loves to wrestle her big brothers. She regularly makes flying leaps at them when they are lying on the floor! As long as no one is intentionally trying to hurt another, I just mop up the bumps and bruises later!

Ryan & Janna said...

That is so cute, I love it. I can't believe how big Asher is getting, he is one tough kid. The younger ones always are.

Sarah said...

So cute, I love that they play together!