Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a Time of Growth

I still can't get over how quickly Asher is learning and improving upon his skills. One day he started sitting for a few seconds on his own, a few days later he was basically stable. Two days after that he figured out how to get into sitting position on his own (and nap times haven't been the same because once sitting, he sits there crying in tiredness without the comprehension that he needs to lie down in order to fall asleep). Every day he's drastically improving in his crawling - which means I'm in a constant state of impression.

I love watching Brennan's growth too. His responses get cuter and more clever all the time. I can't think of all the examples, but, for example, I laughed today when, after I told him that he's an awesome kid (he put his breakfast dishes on the counter before I asked him to), he agreed, "Yeah, I-yam a awesome kid!"

I should get a picture of Brennan with his friend Wyatt who lives across the street - it's a relatively narrow street in our complex and they live literally right across. If Wyatt's sitting in his window upstairs at his house and Brennan goes outside, Wyatt calls "Hi Brennan! Wanna come play at my house?" or "Come play in my bedroom with me!" or whatever. Brennan, likewise, will call similar invitations from our house when Wyatt's outside. Because Wyatt is almost always outside, when we get home from an outing Brennan runs over and they meet each other in a 'best-0f-friends' embrace. It may be a long time before I get a house with a garage or fenced yard, but in the mean time at least Brennan has his kindred spirit.

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Kelly said...

Don't ya love neighbors!

Asher is growing up so fast! What a super kid... Now you have two super-heroes in your family!