Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spiderman helps people

Spiderman has been frequenting our house lately. It's actually quite awesome. Brennan knows that Spiderman helps people (except when he wears the black costume which makes him be naughty).
"Spiderman, help me!" I cry. "I need someone to throw this diaper into the garbage can!" Spiderman arrives, and it is done.
"Spiderman, help!" I cry. "Asher needs another toy to play with." Spiderman arrives, and it is done.
Brennan will actually come up to me, in costume, and say "I'm Spiderman, I wanna help you" and he waits for me to give him something to do.
I love Spiderman.

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Kelly said...

Great news, soon Spiderman will be able to make outside appearances, too! I'm sending home a Spiderman jacket that was given to Logan and is a little too small. I love little boys. I'm sad that Logan no longer adores Spiderman. :-(

Cute eyelashes!