Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brennan loves to play with Asher, but he can sometimes be a little rough with him. Oddly enough, Asher still ADORES his big brother. After Asher's naps, Brennan asks to go "get him" which means he goes and plays with Asher through the crib railings until I wander up at my convenience. In the mornings, unless Asher wakes up earlier than Brennan, I wake up to the sounds of laughter from their room. Brennan plays with Asher for a while before knocking on his door for me to get them up. It gives me some time to get my tired hiney out of bed, and it's enjoyable to listen to Asher laughing (i.e. screeching) in delight.

One of their favorite games is for Brennan to sit on Asher. Yep. I figure as long as Asher doesn't seem to mind, why not. Brennan will do silly voices and tickle Asher and what not. Asher thinks Brennan is the greatest thing since bottles, apparently.

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Sarah said...

Soooo cute! I love that they love to be together, even though they are farther apart than planned. That gives me hope for Anna and our next one (no I am not announcing anything).