Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Survival of the Deaf-est - To Idaho and Back

We've stopped at this one park two summers in a row now, and both times it's had huge puddles surrounding almost every play structure. I think we'll go ahead and find a different park to stop and eat at from now on, although as you can see, Brennan doesn't mind puddles.

Well, we survived yet another trip to Idaho. Brian's brother Peter returned from serving a mission in the Vancouver, British Columbia mission. It was really great to see him again after his 2 year absense.

The car trips were... long, but we all did o.k. On the way home Brennan almost constantly screamed. Not because he was was sad or crying, he was making silly sounds to get Asher to laugh. (Which he did) On the one hand, Brennan's antics kept Asher from crying at many times, but on the other hand Brian and I were going crazy with the loud and extremely high-pitched screams. So, we spent a good portion of the 15 hour car trip home telling Brennan to stop screaming while he protested that he wanted to make Asher laugh. I've got to appreciate that he has any interest at all in his brother, let alone that his great desire is to make Asher happy.

We had a really great time while in Idaho Falls. We always enjoy seeing the family. Brian brought his telescope out there and it was a pretty big hit. On our final night there, 7 extended family members showed up for a star party, which surprised Judi (Brian's mother) who had not been warned that a group of people would be showing up at 9:30 pm. She's a good sport! The only thing Brian likes more than viewing the stars through his telescope is helping other people to view the stars through it.

I was able to get together with two roommates from freshman year - Janna and Moon (Now Ashton) and that was fun. The kids played on the playground while we had a picnic and found out more about the twins Michelle is expecting.

Yep, we had a good time. We always hate to leave. Brennan especially didn't want to. Many times on the way home he asked to go back to Granna's house and I told him that we will at Christmas time. When we pulled into our neighborhood, Brennan started crying. All that time he'd thought we were on our way back to Granna's and he was VERY disappointed to find himself back at his own house.

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Kelly said...

So is this that park in that tiny town on Hwy 20 that has all those huge trees? I'm thinking it's the same park that we used to stop at. We liked it. It's like an oasis in the desert!