Wednesday, April 16, 2008

O.K., so I finally get a minute to post, and I can't find the camera. (Brian used it last, and he's not home.... I think he may have taken to work anyway). I've thought of lots of stories since the last post, many of which with pictures, but I can't really remember most of them now.

One item: Brennan's had a birthday! He's 3 years old now. If you ask him how old he is he answers "I'm 3 years old on my birthday" We celebrated with family on Sunday the 13th (his actual birthday). Brennan was kinda grouchy that day because he wanted to open the gift in the lightening McQueen wrapping paper real bad. In hind-sight, maybe I shouldn't have been such a stickler to wait until after dinner. On the other hand though, I believe children need to learn the concept of waiting... you can't always get what you want the moment you want it. (Side note: I went to a meeting the other day where our keynote speaker was 2007's National Mother of the Year. She is from my home ward growing up. Something she said has stuck with me: Allow your child to be disappointed. Too often we try to keep that experience from our children, which really hinders their ability to learn resilience.) Anyway...

The next day, Monday, Brian's grandparents visited from Idaho. It was such a pleasure to see them. They gave Brennan a teddy bear for his birthday which Brennan enjoys quite a bit. When he opened his gift he said "This is Brennan's Asher baby." He then said that he needed to feed his Asher baby and proceeded to walk over to the couch, sit down, lift up his shirt, and lay the teddy bear across himself with the mouth at his chest. It was hilarious! He just sat there non-chalantly looking at us with a look that said, "As you were saying..."

Today, Wednesday, Brennan had his friend party. For the activity this year I made cupcakes and set out several colors/flavors of frosting and sprinkles, mini M&M's, coconut, and other goodies. The kids decorated their own cupcakes in place of a regular birthday cake. (I'd already made a cake and we did the candle thing during the family party anyway). It went very well.

O.K. Brian just came home and showed me where the camera was. Time to upload some pictures.

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