Wednesday, April 16, 2008


One afternoon Brennan was going through our movies and found Spiderman II. He wanted to watch it so I told him that it was a "Dad movie." He insisted so I said o.k. figuring he'd lose interest after seeing it was boring (compared to a kid movie). Even with a kid movie he's done within a few minutes.

That's why I was so surprised when he watched the whole thing. Any time Peter Parker was himself Brennan would ask me over and over "Where'd Spiderman go?" until Peter in his Spiderman outfit were on.

Eventually Brennan ran upstairs and put on his Spiderman p.j.'s and pretended to be Spiderman himself as we watched the movie. I thought his new rainboots added a particularly interesting flair to the ensemble however.

This is what happens when Brennan poses for a picture. I don't know why he closes his eyes when we tell him to smile for the camera, but he does.

P.S. Brennan refers to himself as Spiderboy. I love it!


BMc said...

I know! I know the answer!

It's the flash! It HAS to be the flash!

Hez said...

No, he poses that way until you take the picture. We stand there saying "Open your eyes, open your eyes" at which point he does, but also stops smiling. He's just silly.

Kelly said...

That is ADORABLE! He and Logan can be spider-boys together!!!!