Friday, April 25, 2008

Momentous Occasion

Time to celebrate... Brennan has finally had his first potty in his potty-chair. Every now and then Brennan will spend the better part of a day naked and sitting on again, off again on his potty chair. Today was another such day. The problem is that he doesn't go and eventually nap/bed time comes around, and which point I put on a diaper and he promptly goes potty.

Today, Brennan spent all morning naked... nothing. He went during nap time. After nap time and outside play, he undressed again for round two. At dinner time he put pants on over his bare bottom, which made me a little nervous... but still nothing. Finally I was putting Asher in the bath and Brennan wanted to join him. As usual I used the potty chair as a bribe, and as usual Brennan sat on it reminding me that after he went potty on the chair he could join Asher... but doing nothing.

About a half hour later Brennan told me he'd gone potty (not unlike him to claim) and I looked and sure enough, there was a quarter sized puddle in his potty chair. I gave him the most extravagant praise a 3 year old's ever gotten. Now that his bath is over he's getting to wear his Cars (the movie) pull-ups, and he's eating an orangecicle (an accumulation of bribes he's been getting over the last month or so). Let's hope he's sufficiently motivated to do it again. I've been hoping that all it'd take is for him to just go once, and then he'd know what I meant by going potty in the potty-chair. There hasn't been any conceivable reason, as far as I'm concerned, why he'd sit there for hours and not go.


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Ryan & Janna said...

As a mother of a potty-trained toddler I will first congratulate you on your courage and dedication to tackle such a huge task. Good luck and know that after all the hard work it is well worth the outcome. Having Andrew potty-trained has changed my life. I am not kidding, it is great, I love it.