Monday, March 24, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast

I am learning how to get video camera footage onto the blog (our digital camera's movies don't have sound and aren't great quality). In the process I came across old clips of Brennan. He is 8-9 months old in these. His face really is reminding me of Asher's. I'd say they look related at least. I'm gonna try to find some pictures of Brennan at 2 months for comparison.

I believe Brennan is actually about 3 months in the firt picture and he's 6 months in the second one.

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Ang said...

You're right - Asher is looking so much like Brennan! I can't believe how big they're both getting.

We watched the video clip from Clara's birthday party today, and the part where Brennan blows out the candles is SO FUNNY.