Friday, March 7, 2008


Each night when Brian gets home from work I relay the day's Brennanisms. Here's one of today's...

After a meal at the table Brennan is asked to carry his dishes to the counter. He's pretty good about it usually. If I'm in the kitchen he'll hand them over to me without fail, and if I'm not there he usually sets them on the counter. Tonight I finished eating and got up to get a crying Asher, leaving Brennan at the table to finish his dinner. A few minutes later when he joined me in the living room I reminded him that he needed to take his plate to the counter. His response?

Laughing, he said "Ha ha, that's funny... that's a funny joke."

Brennan makes me laugh. What a kid. (The other day I told him that he is quite a kid, so now he reminds me by saying "I'm quite a kid.") For the record, he not only carried his plate to the counter, but he carried mine over too. Cute and nice... now that's a catch for some lucky lady some day.

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