Sunday, January 1, 2017

Today was Kieran's first day of Sunbeams and he was NOT at all interested. I had Brennan try to take him to the Primary room first while I gathered up our Sacrament meeting mess. I could hear Kieran from the chapel. He was throwing the biggest fit about not wanting to be there. So I brought him with me to the library while I checked out supplies for the class I was subbing. We walked back to the Primary room so I could tell his teacher that Kieran would be with me, but he threw a giant fit again just as I walked into the room. So I brought him to the 8/9 year old class with me, but again he began shrieking and throwing a giant tantrum and had to be forceably brought into the room. Lol, the looks on the kids' faces were awesome. He calmed down soon and sat on my lap for the entire lesson. At the end, I invited him to join the Sunbeams again, but added that they would have snack and coloring and a lesson. He thought that sounded good. At least the snack part. So I was able to drop him off with his class as they left Primary and went to their lesson time and when I picked him up at the end he was all smiles.

I got off easy with none of the kids ever having trouble going into nursery and so far they all eagerly moved up to the join the big Primary kids. So I did not see this coming. And I'm not sure I've EVER seen Kieran throw a tantrum quite like this. It was really a whopper. I guess New Year's Eve late night + 9am church + taking him out of his favorite activity (nursery) is a bad combination for him.

Of course, just 9am church by itself is a bad enough situation for even me.

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Kelly said...

So is he doing better? Faith flat out refused to go - until the actual Sunday came and then she loved it. But for weeks leading up to the beginning of the year she told me "I not Sunbeam - I nursery" whenever I talked to her about it.