Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jesus Wants Me For a Sun-BEAM!

Last week was cancelled so today made Sunbeam attempt #2. During Sacrament meeting I asked Kieran if he would go to Sunbeams today and he was on board. But when I mentioned going to Primary, he was a no-go. At the intermediate hymn he asked hopefully (as he always does) if it was time for Nursery. Not only was is not that time, but I reminded him that he doesn't go to nursery any more. He disagreed.

I could tell that though he was ok with the whole Sunbeam thing as he knew it (class time), he did not want to give up nursery for it, and he didn't understand that Sunbeams is a part of Primary - like Sharing time and all that. After sacrament meeting ended I walked with him to his old nursery room to show him. "See Kieran, nursery is all gone. It's not here any more. Everyone went to Primary." He walked into his now empty nursery room (he was in the "older" kids class which all moved up together) with a look of total shock and dejection. It was a little heartbreaking. The incredulity, the disappointment to stand in the middle of his empty nursery room. So I told him "I will show you where they are. You don't have to go into the Primary room, I will carry you and just show you." He agreed to the plan.

He protested for a moment as we approached the primary room but got distracted as one of his nursery-mates entered at the same time. So I stepped in a few feet and pointed. "Look Kieran, there's your teacher, Sister McGiven (They moved one of the Nursery teachers up to Sunbeams with the kids) And there's Steven, and Sydney, and Mora..." They were all there. I watched the lightbulb over his head turn on. He slid out of my arms and went and sat with his class and from what I understood, was a perfect little Primary kid. He reported afterwards that he liked Primary AND Sunbeams.

Whew! I think we'll be good from now on.

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