Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Lower Key

Usually Halloween has been craaaaazy busy. Which is fine. This year though there was no trunk-or-treat at the church and after down town trick-or-treating the kids just chilled for a while. Eventually I took Hollyn and Kieran around the neighborhood, and Brennan finally convinced Asher - who was content to spend the rest of the evening watching Halloween movies and gain nothing more than his meager stash - to hit the neighborhood next to ours. I ended up with the largest supply by FAR, just in leftovers from so few trick-or-treaters coming to our house. Not complaining though. :-)

I know it's very trendy these days to buy your kids' candy off them or replace it with a toy. Maybe it's because I'm lazy, maybe it's because I'm cheap, or most likely it's because I'm a terrible parent, but I just let them do what they want with it. Binge, save, whatever. They can savor the way they want to savor. #childhood. Also, I'm kind of surprised to read parents subbing their kids' candy for a toy. As if they need more toys any more than the candy in their lives, lol. Plus, I already paid for costumes AND candy to give out to trick-or-treaters (whose parents will just toss it out, apparently), and now I'm expected to buy the kid a toy or pay them for something I'm going to toss? Meh. Being a "good" parent is SO not my thing. If I get to it in time, I might look into the donation to soldiers thing. Anyway, end rant...

This year we had (depending on who he was talking to-) a Roman Soldier/Captain Moroni (in his mind, he was the latter, which was his very own idea), The Grim Reaper, a Cow, and Superman. I did Little Bo Peep again, since I didn't work on Halloween last year for those folks to have seen it. Next year I'll branch out I think.


Jennifer Beckstead said...

I don't take away my kids candy either. :) I figure it's pretty much all the HFCS I let them eat all year and that's not too bad. We had super low key. I didn't even take pictures. Jackie was a pirate, and that was the only costume I bought. John bought himself a wig to be Trump, Andy justin didn't want to dress up. We had the ward party from 4:30-6:30 and then I was done. John had some friends over to watch The Corpse Bride and then was nice enough to take Jackie out to a few houses. They were back in 1/2hr. We had less than 10 people come to our house, so I've got lots of candy left. It seems like no one was really feeling it this year.

Devon Parmenter said...

James forgot he has candy. What candy he got a church, I turned around and give it away on Monday. There's still some left, but I might use it as a stocking stuffer. I didn't get any pictures either.

Devon Parmenter said...
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Kelly said...

I totally get the Halloween funk.

My kids went trick or treating to about ten houses in our neighborhood and then Kenna said, "eh, we're good". So glad! And I don't usually buy their candy off them. but I seriously couldn't have it sticking around the house this year for my own personal reasons. I was just so grateful they were willing to comply. The flip side is, we handed out what they turned in so I didn't have to buy as much for the door. ;-)

Heather, I love your costumes! I can't believe you fit into that dress!

If I could change Halloween it would be less of a candy grab and more of a get out and chat with your neighbors and enjoy socializing. I would love it if everyone sat on their porches and you had a good gab. We could still hand out candy! But I hate the kids running from house to house (car to car) in a mad rush to get as much sugar as they possibly can. I love homemade costumes, a little bit of something scary, fall nights, letting kids be out after dark (such a thrill at any age), and seeing friends.

Best treat we got this year? Someone in our neighborhood was handing out mini bags of Harry & David Moose Munch! Wow.