Wednesday, November 9, 2016


So much fun attending Time Out For Women, this year with Shannon for her first time. It was so great to have some sister-time, enjoy great music and presentations, and be part of the experience.

Knock on wood, but I'm still 100% on hitting the pumpkin patch on a beautiful warm day. No easy feat, this year. I think that afternoon was the ONLY sun we saw in October. So that was nice. The unfortunate thing is that the preceding rains had created the deepest, wettest mud I have EVER seen. It was like something out of the movies. We had to give up on the corn maze (almost didn't make it out with both of Hollyn's boots when one got stuck in the mud, lol)

Time to teach this girl to shave!

 It was a happy coincidence when we visited the Richardsons over the same weekend of Elder Christofferson's Medford/Grants Pass visit. I enjoyed watching the Saturday evening broadcast immensely. On Sunday Elder Christofferson spoke in the Grants Pass building so we got to be there for that. The meeting was cut shorter than usual due to his time constraints, which also limited his ability to meet with all of us as he would have liked. Instead, at the conclusion of the meeting he invited the children to come up and shake his hand. My kids went up with the others and the line got really long. And of course all the adults flooded the isles with their visiting while they waited. Finally, the younger three returned and I assumed Brennan was seconds behind them so I headed out the car to wait. Eventually I drove around closer to the door. Then eventually I went back into the tremendous downpour to look for him. No avail. We finally caught up with each other. It turns out that after Brennan's turn shaking his hand, he'd waited for the remainder of the line to finish so that he could ask Elder Christofferson for a picture. He'd actually only meant to snap a quick one of just him, but I guess Elder Christofferson assumed he meant WITH Brennan. The kid was pleased as punch to have this photo with him and wanted a copy, blurry as it is, printed for him to put on his wall. Happily, it turns out a lady from the stake was taking pictures of most the kids during the handshake so I've got a couple of those pics too. I love how much Brennan loved meeting an apostle. I remember feeling that way when I shook hands with Boyd K. Packer when I was about 7.

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you came down! Love the cute pictures of your kiddos. That one of Hollyn at the end - darling.