Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Play it, broth'eh!

I know, I know. 11:30 at night, on a school/work night is NOT the right time to begin writing a blog post. So this is brief, just because I got a kick out of it.

Background: When Brennan began school last month he was determined to play the french horn. As other instruments were introduced, he completely wrote them off. He was zero interested in anything except the horn. Great. Cool.

Until he suddenly decided horn wasn't for him and he asked to switch to percussion. There was lots of drama and tearful nights in total despair as he agonized over which instrument to play. Finally he decided he felt good about percussion and went with it. His band teacher has been nothing but patient with him, going to tons to effort trying to find him a bell kit or whatever he needed.

Then out of nowhere last week he begins crying in his bed again because he's decided he wants to switch back to french horn. He doesn't know if it's too late or not and what his teacher will say - after all the bell kit she'd spent weeks trying to secure for him was supposed to arrive the next day. I would strangle him except I kind of get the anxiety - it's the first "big" decision he's ever really had to make.

Anyway... yada yada yada he was allowed to switch back to horn and all seems well again.

Today he brought his instrument home. Shortly after, we all left for Hollyn's karate and other evening activities and Brennan packed his horn, book, and music stand. I thought he wanted to play it at the Butler's house where he'd be after karate. Instead, he set himself up and practiced in the parking lot, sitting in the side of the van. It was so funny. It's a pretty secluded area - the karate place is the only open business on that whole side of the shopping center. But there was still some passerby, not to mention the karate teacher who could vaguely hear it from inside. I think it is SO cool of Brennan not to care at all. I've always been too embarrassed to practice in front of others, which meant I just didn't practice. Anyway... Brennan trying to learn the french horn in a parking lot. Enjoy!


Laura said...

That is funny/cool! French horn brings out his dimples!

Judi Stevenson said...

I love this! He is so cool ... love him so much!

Kelly said...

What a cutie