Sunday, November 29, 2015

Share the Love

Two weeks ago our primary presented their Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting. This year Hollyn participated for the first time, so I had all 3 older kids in it and only Kieran with me watching. That was cool. :-) The program was not just the usual cute, but holy cow was it fantastic! The kids all did a wonderful job, particularly for the songs. Each song included harmony and/or extra flavor added one way or another. It was the single best primary program I have ever beheld.

Then last week our ward choir performed. I don't know if many of the Young Men and Women were recruited or were already involved in the choir but the group was humongous and, like the primary kids, utterly fantastic! They were so good in fact that Brennan actually took notice and asked to join the ward choir. (He saw a couple friends in it, although that's never enticed him before.) I've suggested to Brennan numerous times in the past about joining the ward choir and/or a local children's choir or school one. He always declines. But watching our well done ward choir last week did the trick.

So today we stayed late after church to sing. Asher took the littles to the nursery but Brennan and I sang. He did pretty good considering he was trying to follow me on Alto and it was sight-reading for everybody. But the boy LOVED it. He was kicking his feet excitedly the entire time, with a giant beaming grin on his face. He told me repeatedly how much he was loving it. This makes me happy because I love singing in the choir but haven't done it in several years due to having little babies who couldn't take on a 4th hour at church. I've especially been yearning to join the choir under our current director because she's so exceptional.

I love when the kids develop an interest in MY interests. Doesn't it just add so much joy to your heart when they love what you also love? Brennan enjoying the choir so much made me so happy. Recently he got really into drawing floorplans. Asher thought is was super cool and started drawing his own as well. As they excitedly showed me their dream homes (in Asher's case his future business), I just swelled inside.

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Kelly said...

How fun! I was just thinking about joining our ward choir too.

love Asher's business plan. Genius!