Sunday, January 3, 2016

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago in a separate writer, which usually publishes to the blog with no issues, but won't this time.

So I have some catch-up to figure out but in the mean time...

Kieran. This kid loves music. Like, really, really loves it. He's always enjoyed paling around on the piano, he's always like rockin' out to tunes. Of course, pretty much all toddlers do.

Kieran amazes me with his library of memorized songs though. Every day I catch him singing a new one that I have no idea where he's learned it. Just now, while I changed his diaper I thought I was recognizing that he was singing "This Old Man". When I started singing it, he got a huge grin and started REALLY belting it out with me, clearly knowing the lyrics well. To my knowledge, I've never sung that song around him or played it. Granted, he spends much more time in other peoples' homes than my other kids did at his age. I can only assume he's learning these songs at the other houses, but it still surprises me how well he knows them. He can barely talk, but he can (and does) sing. Yesterday I had to remove him from the chapel during the talks at my niece's baptism because he wouldn't stop singing Old McDonald loudly. "With an oink oink here, there oink oink, Old McDonald ana farm, EIEIO..." Shutting him up when he's singing and/or talking at an inappropriate time is our biggest current issue, actually. Saying "shhhh" does nothing. Clapping my hand over his mouth makes him laugh loudly in amusement. "Oh Mother, you think that's seriously going to do anything?" How does one shut up a child who just won't?

On our way home from Grants Pass today I looked in the mirror to see if Kieran was asleep yet. He wasn't. He was, though, happily bouncing/dancing to the random song playing on the radio. I'm curious to see where this love of music takes him; what he'll do with it.

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Laura said...

I have my kid playlist going when we drive to and from pre-school. I always think the songs are too fast for him, but apparently he's picking it up, at least the chorus parts.