Friday, July 24, 2015

Busy Beavers

I’m basically basing this post on all the pictures. Soooo, here’s a photo-album view of our lives lately.
In this album: The YW camping trip last April – rain meant we got to sleep in the cabin instead of tents. Shucks. Winking smile
Kieran’s 2nd Birthday!
The picture Asher had me take of himself to send to his primary teacher as part of the birthday gift he gave her.
Hollyn’s Preschool Graduation
Boys’ music performances at school
Brennan’s Invention. They needed to invent something – kind of like a science fair thingy. He invented an egg cracker. With was a crack-a-lackin’ success!

Don’t you just love her hair?
Doctor visit time
Scouting day at Central Park. Hollyn was pretty good with those remote control robots
Time to get Brennan up for school. Wait… Where is he?IMG_20150521_070604724Seriously?
Yep. He’d slept under that box the entire night. Silly kid.
Finally got his Bear award. On to Webelos!
First warm day of the spring/summer.
Trying out some rearrangements. You always move everything about 20 times before most of it ends up right where it started. Hah.
Errands ran long. Lunch at Yogurt Extreme it is!
I love coming across little gems like this. Oh Brenny…
Last day of school means DQ time. This is how Asher felt about summer finally starting. IMG_20150612_132424454_HDR
IMG_20150612_132455014_HDRThis would have been my favorite, but what the heck did the camera do to Kieran’s face?
Fun story with this one. One night Hollyn started crying so we went upstairs to check on her, but by the time we got up to the top she’d stopped. So we didn’t go in. We noticed the power upstairs was out though, so we went back to the breakerbox to flip the switches. All was good. The next morning I noticed Hollyn’s nightlight was charred. Come to find out, when I asked her about it, she said she’d been playing with toys on the floor but not messing with the light (yeah right) and said “there was fire! The fire got on my pjs and it hurt me”. Yikes, right? I’m preeeeetty sure there was probably just a spark or something that scared her, but her rendition of the events are pretty frightening.IMG_20150615_074154831

IMG_20150622_231056744We got home from Fort Bragg about 11:30pm. Kieran got aaaaaaalmost to the stairs to follow me up. Just couldn’t quite make it.
IMG_20150626_181804129The evening at the lakeIMG_20150626_184607610IMG_20150626_184613461IMG_20150626_184621274_HDRIMG_20150629_185443881Happiness at dinnertime
IMG_20150702_161324307_HDRIf one MUST take 4 kids into Petco, at least give yourself a perk out of it.
IMG_20150706_201108239The end of the spontaneous family bike races. I had the trailer with two kids. No, I didn’t win. Even once.
IMG_20150706_201114827IMG_20150710_174325216Cubscout Daycamp Family Potluck
IMG_20150710_174355331Someone needs to brush.
Just a couple of dudes watching a showIMG_20150718_201705938IMG_20150719_202130450Kieran LOVES these fab princess shoes

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Kelly said...

It always looks like you guys have such a great time. Love Kieran in those shoes.