Sunday, May 10, 2015

Phone Pics

On the day she got a new backpack she was allowed to play outside but I instructed her to stay in our backyard. I suspect she doesn't know there's a difference between "back" and "front" yard, so she had gone to the front. I looked out the window and there she was, having set up these chairs on the sidewalk. Her new backpack sitting in the chair beside her they sat and people watched, watching the other kids playing at the playground across the street. It was the cutest thing ever!
Then it was time to break out the roller blades she got for her birthday!

 She made it to and across the grass! Time for a pit stop! ;-)

 Backing up...
Hollyn enjoyed a wonderful 4th birthday. Aunt Jill and Uncle Peter sent her some awesome princess accessories: tiara and heels.

 The new sunglasses go well with them.

 Opening some gifts.

Several months ago I got myself a bike from Craigslist. Now, at least once a week, I bike to work. I thought it would be a great way to exercise, though I secretly hoped it would be leisurely and pleasant. Turns out it's a great way to exercise.  Dang it.

 Saturday money-job time.  I have a "work for hire" board with jobs posted for $1. The novelty wore off quickly, so now I impose that they HAVE to choose a money job on Saturdays, though I let them keep the $ anyway.  Hollyn though is happy to clean windows either way. :-)
 Brennan naturally spends more time dancing than working. Love him.

A couple extra pinewood derby pics I don't think I posted last time. These are from Bro. Thomson's workshop. Since he is a woodworker by trade, I took him up on his offer to help any boys build their cars. Brennan had a fantastic time there!

Hollyn finally got in to see the allergist. Nothing new really came up. I took her in because she'd had some past reactions to eggs, though not EVERY time. Plus she's been sick every other week since November, and I wondered if there was a relationship. The skin test didn't actually show any allergy to eggs though the history makes it very clear that there is a sensitivity to it. So we'll just watch out for reactions. She did though react BIG time to grass. No surprise there, however the strength of her reaction is unusually strong for someone her age. Seasonal allergies like this don't often manifest before age 5 or so.  Poor girlie.

She wanted her sticker placed on her back. I think she thought it would act like a bandaid and make it all better.

She was really, really sad about all the pokes. :-(

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