Sunday, August 30, 2015

A little hard to write this one

 Until last week, life's been normal and great. So I wanted to post the month's pictures. But it's hard.

P.J. Switching. You should have watched Kieran's face, it was hilarious. He obviously knew it wasn't right and totally got the joke of it all.

 A week ago Friday was a very, very discouraging day. But I checked the mail and saw a flyer about an "Art & Air Festival" in Albany, starting that very day. So the kids and I hoped in the car to check it out. The focus is hot-air balloons, plus tons of booths and fun activities. And at the airport there are activities like pilot lessons for kids 8-18 where they get to ride in a small plane. We didn't attend that, but the festival had lots to offer. We had a fun time.

In the evening they do a glow thing. I was hoping the balloons would be in the air, so it was kind of anticlimactic that they just lit up from the ground.

Brennan was really into these pictures of himself holding the balloons.

Group shots are hard. I love how Kieran is watching and imitating Asher. He's all about trying to be like his cool big siblings.

Asher was hiding from something. I think it was fear over the balloons themselves for a few minutes. Weirdo.

"Mom! Take my picture!" This is how she wanted to pose.

Brennan really wanted to do the rock climbing wall. I didn't expect him to go very high, seeing as how he's the biggest scary-cat of all my kids. I stand corrected though because he almost made it the top!

Asher enjoyed it about as much as it looks like he did.

Hollyn didn't get very far either.

 In the Family Zone there were various fun things for the kids. Like this car for the kids to paint.

 So on a whim a few weeks ago I decided I was in the mood to rearrange, which meant getting Kieran out of his crib. It's taken some getting used to, as he shares a room with Hollyn now. He had to adjust to sleeping in the bed itself, AND get used to Hollyn who distracts and plays with him for hours at bedtime. We'll see how it goes.

Around the second night, Brian and I walked in to peek and found him fast asleep... in the middle of the pokey toys and random floor junk I'd scooted out of the way. That can't have been comfortable.

I don't know if Brian had put the headphones on him, or if he did it himself. But I walked in the room and found him frozen this way. Hahaha

 Took a family bike ride to dinner and a new frozen yogurt place a couple Saturdays ago. Made my heart happy.

Night number one. He finally fell asleep here around 10pm.

 Lol. O.k. So Brennan's treat he made for FHE was homemade bread, (yes he helped make it!) and chocolate fondu. Love the fondu look on Kier-bear though.

 This guy right here showed up at my work a couple months ago. I have no idea where he came from, but I've seen him lurking a couple different places around the office. One day I opened a box of headphones and he was there waiting. So funny.

Just a shot of Brennan and friends. You know, everyday life kind of thing.

 Brian got a new r/c toy for his birthday. As you can see above, it flies perfectly. ;-) I took a bunch of shots trying to capture Hollyn though. She was looking especially lovely that day. I think it was because Judi did her hair.

 Barry and Judi came out to visit at the beginning of the month which was so great. They also treated Brian and I to a getaway and stayed with the kids for us for a couple nights. We had a good time and appreciated that, as well as getting to visit with them, so much!

Brian and I went to OMSI to see the Pink Floyd Laser Light Show. We were there when the regular part of OMSI was closed, but they had a couple things outside the planetarium.

 We stayed near this ice cream shop, Salt & Straw that always had a line like 2 blocks long. And the line didn't move quickly. I had to know if the ice cream was really THAT good - worth standing in line for an hour or more. So I convinced Brian to wait in line for it. They have weird flavors like cauliflower something, carrot, etc. I tasted a strawberry honey balsamic pepper flavor. Seemed o.k. But played it safe and ordered something regular. It wasn't any better than coldstone.

Outside the Portland Art Museum

Concert outside the museum

How he really looks when perusing the art

This one was for Brennan. It made me think of Ninjago.

Food trucks!


Pok Pok. Another place with a very long line. So we had to try it. My first Thai food. It was o.k.


On our way. (Pictures in reverse chronological order)
 I went to the beach with Barry and Judi. Fun times!

 And we went bowling.

I love this picture. So much happiness!

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Kelly said...

I have to say, I get a little exhausted looking at your pictures! You get a lot done and have so many fun experiences with your kids. What lucky bunch of kids.