Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring 2015 Happenings

Pinewood Derby last week.  In each race Brennan got 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 3rd.  That's better than last year at least.  Yeah, we are not so great at building the speedy cars.

It got smeared when I was trying to attach the wheels, but there is supposed to be an image of a cubscout Bear on the front.

************* Idaho! **************

 There was a birthday shindig to celebrate several March birthdays.  Pinata included!

Brennan enjoyed some catch with the older cousins.

Baby K kept climbing on poor Cookie.  The latter was a great sport about it.

I had seen the weather report of a chance of snow, but didn't actually expect it to happen.  We woke up to this mid-week.

Someone stole my camera!  How'd this get in here?!?

We joined up with my sister-in-law at the ARTitorium for some art-themed play.  The boys especially loved the green-scene camera

Cousins Kieran and Turner

He's the King of Bongo, Baby

Great, another Mormon Sibling Band.  Watch out Osmonds!

Magnet Wall

I'm getting a little nervous this girl is TOO cute!

Just another grandparent wrapped around her little finger.

*************** Home ************

She showed me this creation the other day.  I admit I was rather impressed with what she came up with.

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Kelly said...

That Hollyn girl is sure growing up fast. What a cutie-pie. Looks like such a fabulous Idaho trip!