Friday, January 4, 2013

Neat Experience

I sent Brennan and Asher outside to play for a bit today.  After a time, Brennan came running inside telling me he needed a paper because he wanted to make something.  He started explaining how he was talking to a man near our play-structure who had just laid some cement.  (As my eyes got big, Brennan included, "but he wasn't trying to kidnap me, or anything." :-) So he got a paper, wrote his sign, and taped it onto a stick.  The sign read:

Wet sement!
Do not step!
Sement is driing [drying]
Do not disterb!

While making his sign he told me that the man was guarding the cement while he waited for his boss to come pick him up.  Brennan finished his sign and took it back out.  Not too long after that Brennan returned, sign in one hand, holding something in the other.  He walked in and showed me the dollar bill and pile of coins in his hand.  Apparently, he'd taken the sign and sat on the bench, watching over the cement while the man talked to his now arrived boss.  He returned to Brennan, handed him the money, and told him "thank you for guarding the concrete."  Brennan was incredibly surprised, to say the least!

Brennan counted out the money ($3.80) and added it to his piggybank.  He was going to go upstairs to tell Asher, when I warned that Asher might feel jealous (he'd been out there talking to the man too, but came home while Brennan was making the sign) and that he might want to not tell Asher about it at all.  I was so proud when Brennan instead decided to share some of the bounty with Asher.  How very sweet of him.

Too bad they spent the rest of the day fighting like cats and dogs! :-)

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Kelly said...

That is so cute and funny! What a thoughtful boy you've got there.