Friday, March 2, 2012

I can't stop

Asher's lack of control over his emotions is sort of funny (to us, anyway.)  Like other kids, if he's upset about something he may start to cry.  But, unlike other kids, the act of crying upsets him even more, so he'll often wail, "I can't stop crying!"  Conversely, if you look at Asher and he's smiling, he'll suddenly blush and embarrassingly cover his mouth while he laughs, "I can't stop smiling!"  Oh man, I love that kid. :-)
I don't remember if I did a 10 month update on Hollyn yet, and I'm too lazy to go back and see.  Anyway, she's almost 10.5 months now and doing well.  Hollyn is really developing a little personality now.  Where she used to just be calm and quiet, she's since learned how to be hyper, silly, active, and vocal.  Hollyn is a great mimic and imitates all the sounds she hears or things she sees, evening yawning.  She LOVES her brothers and lights up when they give her attention.  She has recently learned to go up stairs, although her legs are still almost too short for it.  A couple days ago she learned how to go backwards down stairs, however as her confidence grew she got more careless and thought she could sit however she wanted on them.  Not true :-)  Hollyn is practicing walking, but I think there's a ways to go before she's very good at it.  Unlike many other babies who work on their standing balance first, Hollyn keeps trying to skip that.  Consequently, she can't stand for more than a second or two and instead of steadying herself when taking steps, just goes for it.  I will try to upload some video examples, but I still can't figure out how to edit them (what I used to use doesn't work on this old computer) so the videos go rather long without too much to see.  Anyway, she gets a huge kick out of thinking she's a big kid like her brothers and she is very fun these days.

 Hollyn's been sick lately, and this runny nose just wont let up.  Usually she wakes up with wet snot all over her face, but one day it had apparently hardened instead.  Poor thing!

Anyway, things are going well.  It's interesting to see life play out, isn't it?

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